Ethical Fashion Empowering Immigrants

8 December, 20

There has been a societal shift in recent years towards a more sustainable and ethical form of fashion.

A new organisation hoping to continue that trend is IMM, with their shoes ethically produced by immigrants using sustainable methods.

Their ‘home shoes’ are produced from what has been described as “ultra-quality leathers upcycled from the surplus materials of luxury brands.”

The design of the shoes comes from an immigrant in Paris, while they are crafted by immigrants in Spain.

IMM’s website expands on its work with immigrants, stating: “We give the people we hire training and jobs, along with a sense of hope and opportunity.”

With a focus on corporate social responsibility, Joanne Tsai, the co-founder of this brand discussed IMM’s plans for helping immigrants.

She said: “Our motto is simple, the more shoes we sell and the larger we grow, the more positive impact we create for immigrants.”

The key ethos here is that everybody has the right to a home.

Belén H Sánchez, the other co-founder of IMM, discussed the ethical nature of the project. She said: “With multiple crises that lead millions of people losing their homes, finding alternative ways to help is the core of our brand.”

“We start by nurturing and offering jobs to skilled immigrants. The goal is that through economic empowerment, they can rebuild their homes, improve their lives, and contribute to the economic growth in their host countries.”

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