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25 February, 21

Retail giant Edeka has around 13,600 stores in Germany, making it the country’s largest supermarket chain. In Belgium, the family-owned supermarket chain Colruyt covers over 220 locations, playing a prominent role in the country’s retail sector. Despite the differences in size and location, both chains faced similar challenges. The main issue was that the bins in which the products were displayed on the shop floor were large and deep, providing limited visibility over the contents. After most of the products were sold, customers could not see the remaining goods, assuming the crate to be empty. This caused sales to suffer.

Both companies were also reliant on disposable bins but were looking to replace them with more environmental, reusable alternatives. The units were also cumbersome to store and transport. Moving them across the store required the use of pallet forks, causing unnecessary disruption.

To overcome these problems, they turned to Tosca. As a leading provider of reusable packaging and supply chain solutions, Tosca suggested replacing the disposable bins with a recyclable option featuring a dynamic rising floor. This would eliminate the concerns relating to product visibility: as customers take products out of the crate, the floor rises accordingly. As a result, the remaining goods are visible and within easy reach of customers at all times.

Edeka opted for Tosca’s Dynamic Shipper crates while Colruyt chose its Big Maxi Containers. Both bins are made of durable polymer and feature a rising floor. They are also reusable, helping the companies reduce waste. The foldable, nestable, and stackable design improves transport and storage efficiency. It also simplifies use on the shop floor, as the same crate can be used for transport, storage, and in-store display to replace traditional shelving. This versatility contributes to greater efficiency, eliminating the time and cost of replenishing shelves.

The durable construction is designed to protect heavy or fragile products while keeping the bins light and easy to handle. They are also ideal for holding groceries, as the material is easy to clean, resists moisture and fungi, and is impervious to odour, making it easy to maintain optimal hygiene levels.

To further enhance ease of use, the Dynamic Shipper bins stand on wheels, optimizing efficiency at Edeka’s busy stores. The Big Maxi Crates rest on skids, which makes them easy to transport with a forklift.

Both solutions have been in place for nearly seven years, and the retailers are delighted with the results. Moving away from disposable bins has revolutionized product availability, resulting in higher sales. The reusable containers are also better aligned with the companies’ sustainability initiatives, enabling them to demonstrate their green values to customers visiting the store. Teams on the shop floor have also benefited from the ease of handling, and the compact design has helped reduce the costs associated with storage and transportation.

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