Checkpoint expands its feature rich HALO platform with NEW omnichannel capabilities

16 April, 21

Checkpoint Systems, the only vertically integrated solutions provider for retail, has today announced the expansion of its HALO® Internet of Things (IoT) RFID software platform with the release of HALO 12.2.0.

Building on the highly successful software platform, this latest release includes a number of new features that will elevate it further. Not only does it boast improved replenishment capabilities and expanded language options for increased usability and quicker international rollout capabilities, but it also offers extended enterprise reporting and enhanced omnichannel in-store fulfilment capabilities. The later enables retailers to better support omnichannel in-store, delivering improved financial performance and an enhanced customer experience.

A key new benefit of HALO 12.2.0 is a replenishment feature that aggregates and lists the products to be picked, grouping single items together, as opposed to individually, speeding up ecommerce processes. The store employee also has an option to pick items or model SKU depending on their product master, making the process of locating stock and delivering it to the shop floor significantly easier and more efficient. Not only does this reduce time and improve in-store operations, it also means customer wait time is reduced, improving the in-store experience.

A data-driven RFID retail solution for today’s connected store, HALO is an action-centric platform that facilitates maximum efficiency, driving revenue generating actions. By delivering near-real-time targeted and actionable insight, retailers can accurately and effectively set tasks to be automatically generated. HALO is proactive, rather than reactive. Now, with its expanded capabilities, it can do even more.

What are the benefits for Checkpoint’s customers?

• Enhanced replenishment capabilities making picking and sales floor stocking easier, faster and more efficient. This saves retailers time, improves the customer shopping experience and drives increased revenue

• Expanded in-store receiving capabilities, providing stores with improved insights into stock arrivals, driving sales by ensuring the stock gets onto the sales floor faster

• Enhanced omnichannel in-store fulfilment with expanded shipping and packing capabilities. Retailers can make the most efficient use of their bricks and mortar stores to handle omnichannel purchases

• Continued expansion of RFID label options with new tagging features that are compatible with a wide variety of label options, providing easy-to-use processes that make a store associate’s job more efficient every day

• Expanded reporting capabilities provides a comprehensive performance overview of the business with metrics on KPIs that facilitate enterprise-wide successes all in one easy-to-access location

• Increased RFID device options, making the software platform compatible with a wider range of devices already deployed by stores

• More inventory count options via new standard API that simplifies connections to different fixed sensors, robots and drones. This makes the stock counting process more accurate and efficient

• Expanded translation capabilities, facilitating quick and efficient customisation to local dialects so that HALO can be deployed faster across an international estate.

Phil Fisher, HALO Software Product Director at Checkpoint Systems, commented: “With a regular cadence, Checkpoint provides ever-expanding capabilities of the HALO RFID Software platform. We have a technical team dedicated to constantly developing and improving the features so we can plan and release updates, delivering changes that have a positive impact on retailer operations. As a result, HALO will continue to evolve and help retailers improve their financial performance, support omnichannel and enhance consumer experiences.”

HALO is a Software-as-a-Service platform that is part of Checkpoint’s RFID solution for retail. It tracks every tagged piece of merchandise across a retailer’s supply chain by collecting data from RFID readers in stores and distribution centres. The platform synchronises with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management system (WMS) software, driving inventory accuracy, on-shelf availability and efficiency across the entire supply chain. HALO’s Store Inventory SaaS package enables cycle counting, shelf replenishment, display compliance, efficient receiving and shipping of goods, omnichannel order fufillment, among many other features, all with data-driven task management capabilities.

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