Transporeon Innovation Day 2021

28 April, 21

Today Transporeon kicks off its all-online Innovation Day Conference bringing together Shippers, Retailers, Carriers, Forwarders and Media from across the globe. The two day event will be filled with announcements and innovations that will push the experience of Transporeon’s platform and solutions even further, solidifying our quest to ‘Bringing Transportation in Synch with the World’.

On Day 1, April 28th, we will feature a media round table led by Transporeon CEO Stephan Sieber and the Executives from the different business units. Day 2, April 29th, the unveiling of nine innovative technologies across Data Services and Market Intelligence, Freight Audit, Visibility, Time Slot Management and Carrier Services with keynotes from Transporeon Business leaders, demos from leading product and technology specialists and use cases highlighting some of these innovations demonstrated by our customers Knauf and Refresco. Day 2, will showcase innovations in three sections: ‘Smart Data Network Services’, ‘The Power of the Network’ and ‘Real-Time in Everything we do’. Here are some of the highlights of the most ground breaking solutions that will be unveiled during these sessions. Hope to see you there. It’s not too late to register here.

Smart Data Network Services Section:
Transporeon has one of the richest datasets globally. More than €45 billion worth of freight went through the different parts of our platform last year and we believe that this is an invaluable resource that can help us make logistics more efficient to the benefit of all involved parties. Led by Nikolay Pargov, Executive Director Freight Audit and Procurement this section will highlight three key innovations:

• Market Intelligence: We will provide an overall intro to our activities in Air, Ocean, and Surface transportation, followed by examples of how data can support you in taking informed decisions.

• Freight Audit: We are the global leader in freight audit and we want to discuss today the additional benefits of freight audit, beyond the obvious ones. Our team has de-veloped a next generation business intelligence platform and they will demonstrate what benefits it could bring to the finance, procurement, and logistics departments of shippers. All in one platform, all based on a single source of truth – invoices that are approved by the carrier, by the shipper, and by us as a freight auditor.

• Lane 360: Still in a rapid prototyping phase and we are innovating together with some of our existing customers. We are extremely proud that one of them, namely Knauf, will share their first impressions and how they use this in their daily business. We call this tool Lane 360 and today you will hear how it can help shippers to identify the perfect mix between spot and contracted transports by showing

o Available capacity on certain micromarkets / lanes
o Price differences between spot and contract
o Imbalance in transport flows
o As well as indication on the necessary number of carriers needed on a certain lane

The Power of the Network Section:
The Transporeon Platform processes over 200,000 transactions daily through a vibrant network of over 1,300 Shippers and Retailers and 120,000 carriers and freight forwarders. Led by our CPO Thomas Einsiedler this section will showcase innovations Transporeon is continuously working on that increase process efficiencies and matchmaking capabilities on the platform ultimately leading to value added transactions benefiting all parties in the Network.

Carrier Trust Centre
• Delivering transparency for Shippers and Carriers as both parties are working and have access to similar documents and information.
• Additional solution for Transporeon Shippers helping them organize all Compliance, Vetting and documents with their carriers.
• Carriers will have the ability to provide all different documentations to Shippers in one single tool and process. Driving less effort, more efficiency and increasing match making capabilities.

Horizontal Integration
• The horizonal collaboration on the Transporeon platform creates transparency for Suppliers and Retails.
• On transport level we can show the outbound timeslot of a Supplier and also the booked (inbound) timeslot at a Retailer.
• All 3 parties (Supplier, Retailer and Carrier) have access to similar information and can improve the collaboration and their processes.

e-CMR – sign on glass
• Digital process to improve the communication between all parties.
• Here we will demonstrate a clear use case for eCMR with a Brexit positioning.
• For carriers, the eCMR will help to accelerate processes, avoid paperwork and sup-port a faster payment.

Real-Time in Everything we do Session:
In September 2020 Transporeon announced it was building the largest Real-Time Logistics Network. Since our announcement three out of four shippers on our platform rely on Real-Time Visibility to optimize transportation, 50% of transports enabled Carriers, Shippers with >80% coverage increased their coverage by 60%. In this journey with our customers, we have learnt some of the industry main challenges. First that adoption and coverage is key but painful, that there needs to be clear value for the Carriers and that to achieve true ROI Visibility needs to be linked to execution. Our newly appointed Executive Director Visibility at Sixfold, Jesper Bennike will showcase Transporeon’s continued commitment to Visibility going beyond the shipper focus, ensuring valuable services towards logistics services providers, with the exciting announcements of new solutions benefiting both Shippers and Carriers.

Carrier Data Management continues on our premise to deliver value to Carriers:
• Free transport creation on own/dedicated through Web User Interface.
• Web user interface dash boards on shipments.
• External GPS locations data sharing through “Open Visibility Data” on all transports.

• Fleet Viewer provides a single pane of asset location visibility
o Connects a mixed fleet of Trucks/trailers or other GPS tracking equipment.
o Fleet viewer, a dispatcher quick search through own and dedicated assets.
o Easy Dispatcher fleet overview of drop trailers, assets assigned to transports etc.
o Fleet health monitoring, to ensure visibility downstream to shippers.
o Fleet owner Point of interest (Places).
o Historical asset locations, and movements (Paid Version).
o Historical shipments on own/dedicated assets.
• Real-Time Yard Management
o Real Time Visibility meets Time Slot management to allow a proactive organisa-tion of all yard activities.
o Save throughput times with the new service.
o Yard Overview and process to dynamically rebook time slots in order to utilize the different yard resources and trucks in the best possible way.

• Partnership: Transporeon and Peripass
o Extend the yard management with integrating the physical Yard e.g. with inte-gration to gate control, Driver registration…
o Integrated solution to maximize the utilization of available resources and to re-duce further waiting times.

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