Improving profitability and retail operations with RFID

27 May, 21

To help brands navigate the evolving retail landscape, Checkpoint Systems – the only vertically integrated solutions provider for retail – has launched a series of white papers outlining the road map to RFID implementation and its invaluable role in the future of the retail industry.

What has changed in omnichannel retail? In 2020: everything – White Paper

Over the past 12 months, an unprecedented pace of change has been seen across the retail industry as brands rapidly upscale their digital operations, expand delivery capabilities and, in some cases, introduce new e-commerce opportunities entirely.

In the first of the new white papers, titled ‘What has changed in omnichannel retail? In 2020, everything’, Checkpoint highlights the evolving role of the omnichannel offering; explains how retailers can implement trends such as buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) and how using RFID, brands can transform inventory management across the supply chain. It also offers real-life examples of how retailers have deployed RFID solutions to solve omnichannel challenges with great success, achieving much-improved inventory accuracy and avoiding costly out of stock scenarios.

Displays Matter – Customers can’t buy what’s not there – White Paper

Despite the growth of online, physical stores still have their part to play in the future of retail. Stores remain one of the most visible parts of a retailer’s business and provide a direct point of contact between a brand and its customers.

That’s why the design and layout of a store are so important. Retailers want to get their brand message across to shoppers, and they do this through store design and display compliance. In its ‘Display Compliance’ white paper, Checkpoint reveals how to achieve an attentive, visually pleasing retail merchandising display that helps transform the shopping experience and create invaluable sales opportunities.

Source to Success – White Paper

With retailers and brands learning to thrive in today’s digital world, this white paper is titled ‘Source to Success’. It reveals how retailers are finding their route to RFID success through a focused set of KPI’s, that clearly prove a business case tailored for them. Using its Predict, Prove and Deliver road map, it invites retailers to discover the areas of their business where RFID can have the most impact; prove the ROI available through a pilot programme, and finally, outlines the resources available to ensure deployment is successful.

Unlock your hidden potential with Checkpoint – The RFID Journey eBook

This comprehensive eBook, ‘The RFID Journey’, Checkpoint highlights how its Store Scan service can help retailers predict the benefits of using RFID within their business, from reducing understocking, improving on-shelf availability, improving working capital efficiency, enabling efficient omnichannel operations and increasing effective store associate time management. It details the Checkpoint process and steps required to implement a successful RFID programme in any retail environment.

Mike French, Business Unit Director, Checkpoint Systems UK, commented: “As a business with more than 50 years’ experience in the retail sector, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and identifying innovative ways we can support our retail customers. Our new series of white papers and eBooks is designed to help retailers realise the benefits associated with RFID, while actionable insights support the seamless implementation and ROI of any RFID investment.”

To download any of the Checkpoint Systems white papers and other relevant research, please visit:

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