Notion Lite makes light work of food monitoring for small retailers

7 July, 21

Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions have proved immensely challenging for food outlets. For independent retailers already having to implement stricter hygiene requirements to protect staff and customers alike, the challenge is to ensure that fridge and freezer stock in their premises is not subject to potentially dangerous variations or even equipment failure. And what’s going on in there when the lights are out, and all the staff are at home?

Ellab Monitoring Solutions Ltd (formerly Hanwell Solutions), the UK’s leading manufacturer of wireless environmental monitoring equipment, says the likes of coffee shops, delicatessens, sandwich shops, bakers and farm shops should consider highly accurate automated temperature monitoring technology as an alternative to manual checking of crucial stock.

There are many environmental monitoring solutions available, the most effective and robust being wireless transmitter-based solutions, rather than those using WiFi technology which is not as reliable. Manual monitoring procedures allow for human error which could lead to a crisis if a rise in temperatures or a machinery failure goes unchecked and causes spoilage. Quick intervention thanks to accurate, real-time monitoring of temperatures can be vital. That’s where wireless environmental monitoring comes into its own.

Wireless solutions are flexible so you can easily move or expand the number of sensors to ensure they are always in the optimum positions, and provide continuous output for consistent and accurate readings, wherever you are. Multi award-winning Ellab Monitoring Solutions recognises that a small local retailer selling cupcakes needs product reliability and efficacy as much as a high street supermarket. Its Notion Lite system provides accurate, wireless real-time monitoring 24/7 for fridges or freezers for food retailers such as cake shops, butchers and restaurants.

Notion Lite records and stores a critical log of historical temperature data, sends out warnings to multiple users and triggers an audible alarm day or night whenever any user-set thresholds are exceeded, providing ultimate peace of mind.

A simple and reliable plug and play wireless solution with easy-access audit ready reports, Notion Lite base units and range of sensor transmitters ensure product safety and regulatory compliance with HACCP.

Derek Richardson, Ellab Monitoring Solutions’ International Sales Director, says: “With the reopening of high streets, the last thing small retailers getting back on their feet need is to lose valuable stock because of temperature fluctuations caused by dodgy conditions. Food safety is paramount and Notion Lite automatically picks up the slightest temperature deviations which human senses might miss. Don’t leave the safety of your stock to chance.”

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