Snappy Shopper partners see boost in sales during Euro 2020 Football Championship

7 July, 21

Snappy Shopper partners are enjoying a massive sales boost thanks to a succession of marketing incentives deployed from the end of May and which will continue throughout the summer.

Snappy Shopper, the cutting-edge home delivery platform enabling local retailers to develop successful home delivery offerings, has been supporting partners with fully funded shopper marketing incentives. As a Snappy Shopper partner, retailers automatically benefit and all that stores need to do is highlight the offers to shoppers by sharing the social media posts.

The most recent campaigns have taken place during the Euro 2020 Football Championship and retail partners have reaped the benefits.

New customer numbers at 28 June 2021 were up by 46% versus the same week in May whilst at the same time the platform also recorded its highest number of customer transactions this year.

Philippe Rondepierre, Snappy Shopper Marketing Director, said: “Our partners really welcome the support we offer and we are delighted they are benefitting from the additional income generated.

“We offer unrivalled levels of support to enable local retailers to provide a profitable home delivery service in their neighbourhoods. That is why over 900 stores are now operating with us and why our top 20 partners have each benefited from over £1/2m in incremental annual turnover in the past year. This proves how successful the model is.

“Our money-off voucher campaigns are fully funded and there are many more to come. We have been targeting new, existing and lapsed users with different mechanics. We are also investing nationally in paid social media, search channels and email as well as employing push notifications and in-app pop up’s. The Euro 2020 football championship has presented Snappy Shopper partners with the perfect opportunity to provide the match-time drinks and snacks. Retailers have benefited from increased national exposure over and above the extensive marketing support we already provide and there is a lot more activity planned, during and beyond the summer months.

“We have helped our partners stay connected with their key audiences, rewarding them with added value and enhancing their user experience,” he added.

Snappy Shopper is seeing an increase in demand for vouchers as more and more consumers enjoy the online shopping experience and the platform is seeing the number of frequent and loyal users climb rapidly.

“It is important to demonstrate value across in-store and online channels. This is why our model enables retailers to operate with in-store prices and special offers and why these voucher campaigns form an integral part of our marketing mix. In addition, building virtual relationships with shoppers is becoming as important as developing the real ones that partners have built over many years with their communities. It is important for us to remain engaging, relevant and front of mind with shoppers, in support of our partners’ business,” Rondepierre said.

Savvy stores using Snappy Shopper’s voucher redemption codes are seeing an increase in orders as a result. Snappy Shopper Manager, Luke Vincent at H & Jodies (Nisa Local High Heath), said: “We find the Snappy Shopper vouchers redemption codes very useful. We have used the codes quite a bit since the start of the Euro’s and home delivery sales have grown as a result especially the codes for new customers. This hasn’t been just on England match days but every day during the event.

“We are also seeing these new customers ordering from us a second and third time. It’s great that Snappy Shopper funds these voucher codes. They are very easy for retailers to use. As soon as the codes become available, we upload them straight away by promoting them to our 9,000 Facebook followers and to our customer base,” he added.

“Our business model is completely dependent upon our partners being successful. We made it that way because we knew that it would lead to a collaborative approach and mutual benefits. We have identified various cohorts of shoppers around every individual store in the country and are able to identify the lifecycle stage they are at, which means that we can test and deploy incentives on a selective basis,” Rondepierre concluded.

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