Frugi partners with thelittleloop

21 September, 21

Frugi, the leading ethical and sustainable children’s clothing company, has partnered with the UK’s first shared wardrobe for kids, thelittleloop, helping to drive forward the need for sustainability and longevity in children’s clothing.

Carbon emissions from clothing must be halved if we’re to limit global warming to 1.5’C. This can’t be done if we don’t vastly increase the life cycle of every garment and renting does just that, significantly reducing its environmental impact*. With 122 Frugi styles to choose from at thelittleloop, parents can now sign up for a subscription to rent a bundle of clothes that fit their child at that point in time and enjoy them for as long as they want. Once these clothes are outgrown or no longer wanted, they can be returned and swapped for something else. Swapping clothes instead of buying can save over £900 per child per year!

Frugi, which means fruits of the earth in Latin, is a Cornish-based ethical children’s clothing and accessories company that’s making a big impact on the children’s fashion industry with a rigorous planet-friendly ethos.

Recognisable by their vibrant colours and playful characters, Frugi’s clothes contain clever designs, making them as practical as they are fun to wear. This includes reversible styles, interactive appliques, and clothes that are designed to grow with the child with extendable cuffs and waistbands and adjustable shoulder straps. Their baby ranges are designed to fit over bulkier reusable nappies, such as their sister brand TotsBots.

Frugi uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton for 85% of its clothing. This strict certification by the Soil Association means that Frugi is made with organic fibres that have met rigorous production standards. Organic cotton is not only better for the environment by using less water, but it feels softer because the fibres are left intact and not broken down by the harsh chemicals used in the processing of conventional cotton.

Encouraging customers to reduce, reuse and recycle, the remaining 15% of products are made from old polyethylene (PET) plastic bottles that have been spun into yarn to make a durable, water-proof fabric for outerwear, accessories, and swimwear.

Frugi prides itself on its sustainable commitments throughout the business while exporting to over 500 retailers in 30 countries across the globe. With a wider mission to help inspire a new generation of eco-heroes to change the world, the partnership with thelittleloop helps Frugi work towards their goal of a closed-loop circular economy. By encouraging the re-use of clothing, the partnership with thelittleloop will help cut down on the 300,000 tonnes of clothing waste going to landfill every year in the UK alone*.

Because most single-use plastic hangers end up in landfill, Frugi uses only FSC certified cardboard that are made from recycled materials. Furthermore, most of their clothes now arrive in 100% GM free corn starch bags that can be placed on home compost heaps, sent to an industrial composting facility, or recycled (depending on local facilities). And for those special gift purchases, customers have the choice to gift wrap in a colourful Furoshiki organic cloth wrap, a nice eco-friendly touch for Christmas and special occasions.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with thelittleloop, who share in our ethical and environmental values to help reduce both our customers’ and our own impact on the environment”, Frugi CEO Sarah Clark comments. “Using organic cotton, which is more durable, means our clothes are made to last, and thelittleloop is helping us to further extend the lifespan of these clothes, that have been and will continue to be loved for more generations”.

“We don’t just want to make it easy for parents to dress their kids in style without the guilt of fast fashion,” says Founder Charlotte Morley. “We also want to support brands like Frugi who are going above and beyond to make clothes in the best possible way. Their clothes are such incredible quality that they work perfectly for rental. Plus, we hope we can help even more people than before access these ethically produced garments for their children instead of resorting to the high street. Working with Frugi has been a dream come true and I’ve been blown away by how open they’ve been to adopt such a revolutionary new way of doing things,” she says.

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