British businessman takes on global online shopping giants

6 October, 21

A British tech entrepreneur has issued a warning to global online shopping giants Amazon and eBay as he launches a site that threatens to transform sales opportunities for small businesses.

Tej Randeva has warned the ‘big boys’ of the e-commerce industry that he plans to shake things up with the launch of Add to Cart, a revolutionary new shopping platform that throws a lifeline to independent businesses in their time of need.

Tej, who is based in Cardiff, believes in his business so much that he has committed £250,000 of his own money into setting up the site and all of the online marketing support that will be provided.

“Add to Cart is going to disrupt the e-commerce industry and I want the likes of Amazon and eBay to watch out. It is time for us to look out for small businesses after so many were hit so badly by COVID over the last couple of years, including my own online hire services site.

“Independent online business owners struggle to generate orders online in such a competitive, vast and fast-moving industry. Many are experts at their trade, but don’t know how to manage their own online marketing and drive traffic to their sites. Or, they don’t have the hundreds and thousands of pounds needed to plough into online marketing, SEO and pay-per-click campaigns to generate orders.

“I decided to use my tech background and my online software development team to create something that would help these small businesses to thrive without having the crippling upfront costs associated with online marketing campaigns or any other barriers to their success,” he added. allows small business owners to register on their site for free and even sync their current online shops with existing platforms like Shopify with the Add to Cart system. Then, all they have to do is sit back and allow the Add to Cart team to work their magic.

Anyone who registers will benefit from Add to Cart’s online presence and social media marketing campaigning free of charge and they will be ranking on major search engines such as Google and Bing within 24 hours. Add to Cart will charge 10% of every sale, so business owners are only paying when they are getting successful orders.

The company already has more than 100 businesses registered and 80,000 products listed on its site.

Tej Randeva, who also runs the UK’s leading price comparison site for hire services,, added: “Not only are our members getting all of their online marketing support up front and free of charge, we also make sure they have access to the data from their customers, so they can grow their own marketing campaigns and continue to communicate with customers in the long term.”

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