BetterCommerce acquires CanisHub and launches AI-powered BetterEngage solution

2 November, 21

BetterCommerce, the headless ecommerce leader, has acquired Indian-based AI start-up CanisHub that specialises in personalisation and marketing automation solutions for ecommerce businesses. The new capabilities gained through the acquisition have enabled BetterCommerce to launch BetterEngage, a new AI-powered solution that delivers cognitive recommendations and hyper-personalisation at scale.

BetterEngage will allow brands and online retailers to build consistent and targeted omnichannel experiences across all their channels and touchpoints. The hyper-personalised communication will enhance conversion rates and revenue.

BetterEngage also addresses the ‘Cold Start Problem’ faced by retailers as they look to serve recommendations to first-time buyers.

“With millions of customers, all looking for experiences tailored to them, brands that truly own their ecommerce future will be those that create personalised experiences at scale. The addition of CanisHub’s personalisation and marketing automation capabilities allows us to offer a modular ‘best of breed’ ecommerce stack to brands and online retailers,” commented Vikram Saxena, CEO and Founder of BetterCommerce. “As they scale their operations, BetterEngage is enabling brands to utilise the growing volumes of data and implement sophisticated AI-driven personalisation strategies.”

Customers expect a consistent user experience across all channels and devices, and want to purchase from brands that understand and meet their needs. With the power of BetterEngage, retailers can evaluate and analyse data in real-time, while customers can enjoy a consistent and tailored shopping experience.

Piyush Agarwal, Co-Founder of CanisHub, said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be joining the BetterCommerce family. The integration of CanisHub with BetterCommerce makes a powerful combination in terms of capabilities for brands looking to scale their ecommerce operations while building long-term customer loyalty.”

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