Drive for sustainable packaging products gathers pace

1 November, 21

Southgate Global, one of Europe’s leading packaging suppliers, is working on an ambitious plan to replace all its packaging products with an eco-friendly alternative.

As part of its mission to be a leader in the field of sustainable packaging, Southgate Global invested in a specialist team focusing on new product development so that it is well-placed to lead the industry in the development of sustainable packaging products.

In the last 12 months Southgate Global has launched many new sustainable products. These include a flexible paper sleeve, a lightweight paper packaging solution perfect for a sustainable world because paper is one of the few truly sustainable products. It is made from renewable resources, biodegradable, and is universally one of the most highly recycled materials.

Additionally, as water-based glue is used, customers can be reassured that they have a 100 per cent biodegradable packaging product.

Water activated tape, also referred to as gummed paper tape, is fast becoming the most popular form of carton sealing. Environmentally friendly and creating a superior bond to conventional non-recyclable plastic tapes, it is a must-have in the packaging communities’ race to a circular economy. Both the reinforced and plain paper tape are 100% sustainable and recyclable.

A recent case study by a leading furniture retailer revealed that by switching to Southgate Global’s water activated tape, the company used 240 per cent less product per year compared to standard plastic tapes. It also found that water activated tape was 55 per cent faster to apply and delivered a 20 per cent cost saving per year over standard adhesive vinyl tapes.

Darren Smith, Head of Marketing at Southgate Global, said: “With the global climate change conference Cop 26 running this week in Glasgow, we feel that it is vital that a British company is leading the way in the creation of sustainable packaging.

“Our latest product launches are part of our mission to continually focus on product innovation and the development of new, eco-friendly packaging alternatives. We work to very high standards, with sustainability at the forefront for our packaging range, which, ultimately, will help us and our clients contribute to the circular economy.”

Southgate Global is committed to developing a line of alternative products to expand its current range and significantly reduce packaging waste and plastic content. The company is determined to play a pioneering and meaningful part in persuading the packaging industry to reduce its impact on the environment and climate change.

Darren said: “Increasingly, our customers want us to help them with their own green credentials, so it is vital that we pursue our mission to take responsibility by giving our customers sustainable packaging solutions, reducing waste and plastic content, whilst feeding into the consumer shift for more eco-friendly packaging products. Our mission is to have a suite of eco-friendly options available for every packaging product.”

Sustainability has long been a key focus for Southgate Global, with the brand recently awarded a Silver certificate by EcoVadis, the ratings platform to assess corporate social responsibility and sustainable procurement.

Darren added: “At Southgate Global, sustainability in terms of our packaging product innovation is of the utmost priority. Our belief is that our packaging products must meet the criteria of being sustainable, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable and waste reductive. This way our customers can easily choose packaging they know falls within their own sustainability goals and promises to consumers.”

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