Global PPE leader sees surge in demand hampered by problems in supply

17 December, 21

ASAP Innovations has reported a huge surge in demand for its PPE products, in particular gloves and face masks, partly due to rising concern about the Omicron variant of Coronavirus, but also citing other factors. At the same time, continuing issues affecting the global supply chain are causing shortages and price rises.

Adding to the demand is the recent mandate from the UK Government for face masks to be worn in most indoor environments, driven by the urge to keep retail and hospitality venues open and safe.

However, shortages of materials, such as nitrile, and rapidly rising cargo prices from China and Malaysia, are further compounded by exponential growth in demand for testing kits.

ASAP has always adhered to a policy of never accepting an order it can’t fulfil, and in these highly challenging circumstances it Is working very closely with its distribution partners to plan a way through the situation.

The company experienced severe disruption in supply during the early phases of the pandemic, as it focused on meeting the unprecedented demand for PPE in the medical sector. Now, the resurgence in demand comes as global supply chains remain affected by shortages and shipping cost increases.

Sean Keller, Managing Director at ASAP Innovations, commented; “We are doing everything possible to minimise disruption to the supply of these vital products. These problems are affecting everyone, so the entire industry must work together to help solve them.”

ASAP Innovations was founded in 2018 and is part of ASAP International, a group that started in Malaysia in 1988; the company now has a presence in over 80 countries worldwide, with an extensive range of products used in multiple sectors, including aerospace, automotive, cleanroom, healthcare, food and drink, hospitality, industrial and more.

All ASAP’s gloves are manufactured, inspected and packaged with no direct skin contact; they go straight from machine to box. This is vital in an industry where hygiene control is critical. The company also manufactures Medical Grade (Type IIR) face masks.

The company recently announced that its global bestselling range of cleanroom gloves is now available in the UK; these products were formally launched at the Cleanroom Technology Conference at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham on September 14th – 15th.

Keller added; “Our commitment to our customers remains absolute, and we are confident we can meet the increased demand despite these global supply challenges.”

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