Winter gift wrapping hacks that will help you perfectly package any gift

10 December, 21

With Christmas looming, it is now the time to start thinking about our festive shopping. Being the season of giving and spoiling the ones you love, there is no better time to get organised and throw some presents under the tree extra early this winter.

To get prepped, it’s all about getting your gifts wrapped, labelled and ready to give away. Whether you need inspiration on what to wrap your gifts in, or how to tackle oddly shaped items, like a bottle of gin or glasses, Caorunn Gin has you covered, after all, they are gin geniuses.

Caorunn, the first gin handcrafted in a malt whisky distillery, has teamed up with a number of leading lifestyle professionals and personalities to provide a series of life hacks, impromptu tricks that turn ordinary tasks into showstoppers, giving a personalised touch to any celebration.

For December, professional gift wrapper, Jane Means shares her tips and tricks on how to create a perfectly wrapped gift to be proud to give to your friends and family, without the need for expensive equipment. From what tools and wrapping paper you need, how to wrap oddly shaped items to decorating your gift, Jane explains everything you need to know about how to wrap a present. That is Gin Genius!

Jane’s Gin Genius tips for the ultimate gift wrapping with Caorunn…

Tip 1: Sustainable Wrapping: How To Reuse Old Paper And How To Use Recycled Paper

With sustainability and eco-friendly ways of living top of the priority list, there are many ways this can be implemented into your gift wrapping this Christmas. ‘’Brown paper is a classic favourite and can be teamed up with pretty much any colour ribbon or accessory’’ explains Jane. ‘’You can use old paper that is already creased and reuse it. Scrunch it into a tight ball and you will get an eye-catching crinkle effect. It also looks great with foliage and is environmentally friendly. The benefit of using brown paper is that it can always be reused and there is no need to opt for foil, glitter or plastic-coated gift wrap which can’t be recycled.‘’

Alternatively, why not use what you have already got? Jane says that you don’t have to leave your house to find the perfect wrapping. ‘’If you don’t have time to pop down to the shops or are on a tight budget, reusing items in your household is another sustainable way for wrapping a gift. Whether you use tea towels, old clothing, music sheets or maps, there are many ways to wrap a gift using what you have already, requiring little fuss. Another great hack is that wallpaper remnants can make great gift bags and gift envelopes.’’

Tip 2: The Wrapping: Wrapping unusual shapes

During the festive period, any gift can be given for Christmas, although how to wrap it can be a challenge. Jane suggests that for large items, such as a plant pot, a fabric tablecloth is best to use as they don’t disintegrate when soggy. These can be easily moulded around large objects and purchased from party suppliers and supermarkets. If you want to add attention to detail and go that extra mile, you can wrap the item in a scarf and receive an extra gift! The key for this hack is that you don’t have to spend a fortune or go to much trouble to make your gift look good.’’ Jane continues to say that ‘’fabric remnants are a good way to reuse and recycle. You can place the item in the centre of the fabric and gather; tie a knot to secure and you have an eye-catching gift.’’

For smaller gifts, keeping it simple can have a stylish impact. Jane says: ‘’Wrapping can all be fun and games until you have an unusually shaped item on your hands. The best way to tackle this is to use flexible materials. Jane suggests that for wrapping a bottle of Caorunn or glasses, these are best wrapped with tissue paper, crepe paper, netting or fabric. You can also make tricky objects look classy by putting them in a recyclable box and creating a bespoke gift bag. Most importantly, these materials are easy to work with and can be purchased from your local shop or florist – minimal effort and a great looking outcome!

Tip Three, The Finishing Touches: Using decorations and Edible Treats

Now let’s talk decorations. Jane says ‘’Think about the decorations you will be adding to your gift and make sure it is eye catching. My hack for extra decoration is to tie some dried plants and edible touches such as cinnamon sticks and delicious apple to give some fragrance and a fresh twist to your wrapping. Alternatively, if you run out of gift tags, fresh leaves can be written on with a metallic gel pen. Most importantly, this is a great way of distracting the eye if you make a mistake with your wrapping!’’

Finally, alongside the decoration, Jane finishes: ‘’Spritz your gifts with some festive room spray. Your gifts will not only look great but smell delicious too. Or for a personal touch, add their favourite-coloured bauble.’’

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