Ethical marketplace app founder gives insight into 2022 sustainability trends

22 February, 22

Fin Cope, Co-Founder of Go Ethical, believes 2022 will be the year that businesses of all sizes put sustainability at the heart of their operations. From shopping locally to upcycling, he picks out his top sustainability trends for the year.

● The upcycling trend will continue to flourish as it moves from furniture to fashion

● Sustainability will become the new norm as consumers are more aware than ever of their impact on the environment

● Businesses will take accountability and make a move to offset their carbon emissions and do their bit for the environment.

With businesses and the wider population beginning to understand their impact on the environment, the conversation of sustainability has become important and impossible to ignore each year. Fin Cope, Co-Founder of ethical marketplace GoEthical, has given his predictions on the sustainability trends that we can expect to see this year and beyond.


Mostly recognised in regards to flipping old furniture into something chic and modern, this trend is taking on new heights by branching out into clothing. Fashion enthusiasts raiding their local charity shops to turn outdated, unflattering outfits into something wearable has taken off on TikTok and other social media platforms to fly the flag for sustainable fashion.

Many fashion houses have been embracing the trend to create stunning and innovative clothing. Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection skyrocketed the trend with its shaggy ‘fur’ coat made from shoelaces and a fishnet dress which used basketball nets. Designer fashion brands have influenced everyday fashion in a positive way by encouraging creativity and wearing clothing with a story as well as a progressive eco-friendly message.

Fin says: “Our sustainable marketplace app is the perfect place for people to discover the joys of preloved clothing and furniture. We strongly believe that minimising fast fashion is the way forward and GoEthical is here to support eco-friendly decisions as well as putting your own stamp on preloved items.”

Sustainability becomes the new normal

Dubbed the ‘eco-wakening’, the consumer’s demand for sustainable products has risen tenfold as the trend has taken off in recent years. Biodegradable straws, wooden cutlery, reusable cloth makeup remover pads and thermal water bottles are all enjoying their time in the spotlight and it seems sustainability is here to stay.

Consumers are realising how easy it is to make the switch to eco friendly products and social media may be to thank for this. Most people have watched with horror the viral video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck up its nose and have considered how their consumer habits may impact the world on a larger scale.

Carbon offsetting and company accountability

Carbon offsetting means making up for the emission of CO2 or other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. A carbon offset occurs when a company or organisation funds carbon-offset projects that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere or prevents some greenhouse gases from being released. We can expect 2022 to be the year that carbon offsetting becomes mainstream – without companies making false claims to be doing so.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) put into place its Green Claims Code last year, meaning fewer businesses can state they are eco friendly without submitting scientific evidence that they are a sustainable business. The introduction of this rule means that more businesses will be held accountable for their false claims this year and consumers will get peace of mind that they are shopping sustainably.

Fin added: “This is a huge win for sustainable living. Greenwashing has been growing as a problem for years and the lack of penalties and oversight has allowed companies to get away with false claims to mislead consumers. It is very encouraging to see the CMA publish the Green Claims Code to encourage accountability.

At GoEthical, we are offsetting our own carbon emissions by partnering with Earthly to plant trees on the back of all orders and to continue our journey towards becoming a climate-regenerative business.”

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