Volumatic and Cash Solutions join forces in the U.S.

1 February, 22

Volumatic, the experts in efficient cash handling, is excited to announce its partnership with Cash Solutions, a leading U.S. supplier of scale-based cash handling equipment.

The new partnership will expand the Cash Solutions product offering beyond scales for the first time in their history. This collaboration will be pivotal in growing Volumatic’s range of intelligent cash handling solutions, which offer significant efficiencies to retailers of any size.

Cash Solutions have been a major distributor of cash counting scales since 2002. Based in Dallas, Texas, they provide some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies with scale-based counting equipment, and, like Volumatic, are experts in their field, supplying solutions to many famous names in the retail, restaurant and grocery industries.

Volumatic’s partnership will see Cash Solutions promoting the complete Volumatic U.S. product range, including its best-selling CountEasy scales and the innovative CounterCache intelligent (CCi) ‘closed loop’ solution, meaning Cash Solutions’ U.S. customers will get to enjoy the following benefits from Volumatic:

– 100% accurate cash counts; eliminating mistakes and discrepancies
– Huge time savings – taking staff out of the cash office and back with customers
– ‘One touch’ bill processing; eliminating manual counting and till skimming
– Cash processing costs are reduced by up to 75%

“We are a proud supplier to some of the largest and most dynamic retailers, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to support our customers with some of the most innovative and revolutionary solutions on the market. I have every faith that our partnership with Volumatic will be a success and will reflect positively for our customers.” – Cash Solutions.

The Perfect Partnership

Cash Solutions offer a personalised approach to their U.S. retail customer base, which means they work closely with businesses to establish specific requirements. Volumatic also share this personalised approach and will be able to tailor its products to enhance each business’ individual cash handling process – maximising efficiency and cost-savings.

“Our U.S. business is experiencing a huge level of growth, and we have been exploring suppliers who can help us take our business to the next level,” says Krystal Adams, Volumatic’s Vice President of Sales, North America. “Our partnership with Cash Solutions couldn’t have come at a better time, and I am delighted to see what the future holds as we meet our increasing customer demand alongside trusted Cash Solutions.”

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