Tosca helps discount retailer upgrade the look of its fresh produce section with a customized solution

22 March, 22

A leading Italian discount retailer has over 1,100 stores across the country, selling fresh products, own-brand groceries, and various household goods at affordable prices. The concept has been a success, with new stores opening regularly and operations extended to neighboring Slovenia. To modernize the look of its stores, the retailer recently updated its branding to more vibrant colors and refreshed the design of its storefronts. As a natural next step, it wanted to extend the new look to its food aisles to provide customers a superior shopping experience.

In the fresh produce section, the plastic stands displaying the products were a mix of colors and did not align with the image of a premium discount retailer the company wanted to portray. The technology was also outdated: the stands featured iron bars for support, making them time-consuming to assemble and cumbersome to move around.

The chain had been working with the same pooler for over 20 years, relying on it to supply it with crates and stands for its fresh produce section. However, the modernization efforts highlighted the need for a partner that could help it improve operation with products that contribute to both productivity and the brand image. Seeking to overcome these issues, the company turned to Tosca for a solution.

Tosca proposed a customized solution consisting of its innovative modular stands, provided as a pooling service, to bring the new branding in-store. The displays are designed to look like wood to deliver a modern, unified look across the chain. Tailored to the Italian discount chain’s new branding color theme, they help extend the fresh new look to every aisle.

The new stands have also helped the retailer unlock a range of other benefits. Thanks to their modular structure, they are stable without any additional support and quick to assemble and move around as required. They can also hold all types of crates, including cardboard boxes, making it easy to showcase different products and quickly respond to any changes in demand.

The flexible design makes it easy for customers to reach products at the back of the crates, boosting sales and reducing product loss. The time spent cleaning the displays is also minimized: as they are a closed unit, there is no need to clean inside, saving employee time. The stands are also reusable and fully recyclable, contributing to the company’s sustainability initiatives.

As a result of the upgrade, the retailer now has a solution that meets its needs in terms of appearance as well as functionality. The fresh produce sections deliver a consistent brand image, enabling the attractive display of fruit and vegetables across stores. The new stands and the services Tosca provided, including pooling, were offered at competitive rates, helping the chain optimize operation.

Having only ever worked with one pooler, the discount retailer was not aware of the benefits and functionalities that the latest technology could deliver. Tosca’s innovative solutions helped it improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and ensure that the displays support the chain’s brand perception as a leading discount retailer.

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