Delivery Solutions and Stuart Partner to expand same-day last-mile delivery capabilities in UK

24 May, 22

Delivery Solutions, the leading provider of third-party aggregation and experience-driven orchestration software for last-mile delivery and fulfillment has announced a partnership with Stuart, Europe’s leading on-demand logistics platform, to strengthen the last-mile delivery ecosystem in the UK. This collaboration will bring Delivery Solutions’ unparalleled customer-centric fulfillment capabilities and omnichannel shopping experience to the UK, including on-demand, same-day, and scheduled same-day delivery, enhancing the experiences of grocery shoppers, restaurants, retail, and professional services.

“This partnership with Stuart is especially exciting for us, both of our brands are committed to providing successful same-day last-mile delivery services and exceeding customer expectations. Most importantly, we are thrilled at the opportunity to expand our operations into the U.K. with further mainland European expansion planned for later this year,” said Sam Glasman, director of partnerships at Delivery Solutions. “Making Stuart’s capabilities available on our platform aligns with our promise to provide retailers with the best and most efficient options for same-day delivery fulfillment.”

Since its inception in 2018, Delivery Solutions has made a name for itself by offering an end-to-end white-label solution that includes everything from e-commerce delivery intelligence while the consumer is browsing, to post-order orchestration in helping select the most optimal fulfillment partner, to post-purchase tracking, visibility, and communication. Because of advancements in mobility and online access, customers today expect a wide range of innovative, instantaneous delivery options that fit their post-pandemic lifestyles. As the inventor and leader of same-day delivery aggregation and orchestration, Delivery Solutions continues to delight brands and customers with innovative fulfillment, delivery, and post-purchase solutions.

“Our partnership with Delivery Solutions is a clear fit with our ambition to transform the ways goods are transported – by connecting businesses, customers, and couriers,” said Brendan Hamill, General Manager at Stuart UK. “Together we will work on providing same-day, on-demand delivery solutions for retailers across the UK. This allows retailers to fulfill orders directly from their stores, leveraging them as urban hubs to get their products to their customers in record time. Delivery can be on-demand –- in as little as 90 minutes –- or scheduled throughout the day.”

Founded in 2015, Stuart is a tech logistics platform for businesses, committed to providing logistics for a sustainable world. The platform enables businesses from a wide range of industries to deliver goods and services to their customers with speed and precision: on-demand, same-day and next-day. Not only do its services aim to disrupt last-mile delivery in urban areas, but also meet the societal and environmental challenges of the future.

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