PcComponentes, first technology ecommerce in Spain to incorporate smart packaging by CMC

23 May, 22

PcComponentes, Spanish ecommerce leader in technology, continues to focus on innovation to meet the challenges of the sector. The company from Murcia has relied on CMC and its CMC CartonWrap solution to improve its logistics processes, thus becoming the first technology ecommerce in Spain to have a smart packaging solution.

Due to the growth that the company has maintained throughout its history, and especially in the last 5 years, PcComponentes saw the need to rethink its logistics process to be able to maintain its commitment to the customer in aspects such as the speed of shipments. Following its philosophy of wanting to do things differently, the ecommerce company from Murcia decided to go for the CMC CartonWrap solution.

Going for more sustainable packaging

This new solution represents a boost in productivity and sustainability in PcComponents’ packaging. CMC CartonWrap is able to manufacture boxes tailored to the size of the product to be shipped, reducing cardboard consumption by up to 50% and plastic for filler materials by up to 90%, without affecting the safety of the contents.

In addition, by optimising the size of the boxes, the number of orders that can be transported in the same truck has been increased by up to 40%, thus contributing to fuel savings equivalent to 75,000 km and reducing the carbon footprint of PcComponentes’ logistics.

This technology has allowed the company from Murcia to be more agile in its processes, reaching 900 boxes ready to be delivered to the customer every hour, which means optimising half of its orders through this system. In this way, greater scalability is guaranteed, allowing the company to respond efficiently to peaks in demand such as those that occur in commercial campaigns with a high volume of sales such as Black Friday or PcDays.

“With CMC CartonWrap we have demonstrated that environmental commitment and business efficiency can go hand in hand within the ecommerce sector, thanks to a solution that allows us to further improve our customers’ experience, while reducing our carbon footprint at the same time,” says Luis Perez, General Manager of PcComponentes. “Only by surrounding ourselves with fully innovative partners like CMC will we be able to meet the challenges that lie ahead in the sector”.

Francesco Ponti, CMC CEO says “When we met with PcComponentes they wanted to find a packaging solution that could deliver a vision. To them, there is more to ecommerce than selling products online. It’s also about product packaging and how packaging can make their company values stand out. With growing concerns about the environment, e-consumers are becoming more conscious of the amount of packaging needed for products. CMC CartonWrap enfolds a multitude of packaging benefits which have leveraged PcComponentes operational efficiency while being the manifesto of their sustainability commitment through their entire supply chain”.
“Dox the Doctor in the box” CMC TV series

CMC is thrilled to announce its new TV series “Dox the Doctor in the box” which uses CMC animation to show the success that clients have achieved by implementing CMC solutions. In each episode Dox will show you the market leading deployments from all over the world. “We are honored that PcComponents opens the series and shows their amazing warehouse and automation developments” commented Francesco Ponti.

CMC CartonWrap is aligned with PcComponentes’ requirement to offer a 5-star service to its customers, with solutions that directly impact the consumer experience, both in terms of delivery times and shipment protection.

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