Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland joins RECOUP

11 July, 22

Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland (GPUK) has joined RECOUP, the UK charity and leading authority providing expertise and guidance across the plastics recycling value chain.

“Built on a network of valued members, collaboration is central to RECOUP’s activities, so we are very pleased that GPUK has become a member,” says RECOUP CEO Stuart Foster. “The organisation is committed to securing sustainable, circular, and practical solutions for plastic resources both in the UK and worldwide. Our membership includes over 170 businesses and organisations from brands and retailers, to recyclers, polymer producers and a range of other stakeholders.

“RECOUP’s aims remain the same as those that were agreed when we began 32 years ago: to help improve plastic recycling and recyclability; ensure plastic uses resources efficiently; and to protect the environment,” says Stuart Foster. “However, requirements and expectations have changed a great deal over three decades, from producer responsibility to the circular economy.

“Having the broadest possible spectrum of members from across the value chain enables us to have a good awareness and understanding of everyone’s opportunities and issues, which in turns allows us to deliver cross-sector balanced information and support, backed by science.”

Taking a collective industry position

Leading the process of joining RECOUP and other important trade bodies at GPUK is Rachel Sheldon who was recently promoted to a new role as Sustainability and Innovation Manager.

“Ever since I joined Greiner Packaging, we have been on a constant and well-planned journey to deliver the most sustainable packaging solutions,” says Rachel Sheldon. My new role creates the opportunity to provide our customers with the reassurance that they can avoid the dangers of greenwashing, by adopting packaging which measurably improves their carbon footprint and sustainability position.

“As a business, Greiner Packaging needs to take a collective industry position and wherever possible, lead through example. We are pleased to have joined RECOUP, the official RecyClass auditor for rigid plastic packaging in the UK, and I am already working closely with other industry bodies such as Plastic Pact.

“I have been in customer-facing roles throughout my 13 years with Greiner Packaging, so I have a broad understanding of what brand owners large and small, and retailers, want and need to know about the sustainability of their packaging choices,” says Rachel Sheldon. “An essential element of my new role is to ensure we are delivering the most sustainable solutions and properly explaining their benefits and advantages. I am currently looking to gain more and better data around CO2 reduction through life cycle assessments of all our products.

“Working with RECOUP gives us access to a wide range of clear and balanced information, backed by science. It also positions Greiner Packaging UK & Ireland as part of an active and dynamic group which includes many other packaging companies, plus retailers and customers.

“Plastic has an important role to play, particularly for food packaging where it can help to extend shelf-life and therefore reduce food waste,” concludes Rachel Sheldon. “For quite some time, we’ve been saying: ‘We love sustainable plastics’, and my new role gives me the chance to prove why! Working with trade bodies such as RECOUP also provides confidence and access to solid science-backed information which will help our business and our customers make the right steps along our sustainability journey.”

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