Planning-inc unveil Unilyze to tackle the tensions marketers face when reviewing their data solutions

28 July, 22

Leading first-party data agency Planning-inc has unveiled Unilyze, its new Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution to enable businesses to fully leverage their customer data and achieve sustainable growth.

The advanced solution from Planning-inc, which builds on 20 years’ expertise in developing single customer view and marketing science solutions for brands such as Argos, Halfords and Prezzo, will power hyper-personalised marketing and insight-fuelled decision-making by enabling brands to unify on- and offline behavioural and transactional data and operationalising it in real-time.

The platform will provide marketing teams with a new way to unify, analyse and activate their customer data, empowering them to understand and react to customer behaviour faster and more effectively across channels. Moreover, the scalable technology and predictive analytics capabilities of Unilyze allow businesses, particularly in the multi-category retail sector, to deliver hyper-personalised omnichannel experiences whilst producing automated campaign insights, customer analysis, industry-specific interactive dashboards and incrementality measurements to seamlessly report on the outcomes of any given action within a campaign.

James Melhuish, CEO of Planning-inc, said: “We are confident that the launch of Unilyze marks a new era for businesses and customer data. It has never been more important for brands to fully unlock the power of their first-party data, yet marketers have struggled to unify, analyse and activate their customer data with one solution without compromising.

“Today, we’re enabling those businesses to balance the tensions they face with reviewing data solutions and open the door to a second wave of digital transformation. Unilyze will not only optimise marketing efforts thanks to its agility and the ever-present foundation of Planning-inc’s end-to-end engineering and marketing services – it will ultimately accelerate how businesses react to customers’ changing behaviours, helping them do more, better and faster.”

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