Supply chain platform Topo to launch new product compliance database

20 July, 22

Supply chain Software as a Service (SaaS) provider Topo, working with partner Secure Consultants, has developed a new searchable database enabling brands, retailers, suppliers and importers including Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and marketplace sellers, to check their products against compliance regulations in seconds.

The platform, called ‘Know Your Product’ was successfully trialled by a demo group of Topo customers last week and will be rolled out later this year, with an initial focus on compliance regulations for the United Kingdom and European Union markets.

The database gives access to compliance information and certification in a single search in seconds, avoiding the need to collect data from different sources, saving time and costs.

“This is a user-friendly solution giving fast and accurate access to important information, which is otherwise scattered and time-consuming to collect,” said Antony Hayes, Managing Director, Secure Consultants.

“Users can search the legal requirements of a product instantaneously, it can help improve initial communication with testing laboratories and suppliers, and eliminates the extra labour required to research up-to-date legal requirements.”

‘Know Your Product’ is aimed at users involved in quality assessment, product development, merchandising, sales, sourcing, and suppliers.

Searches can be narrowed down to focus on product categories and sub-categories, product functions, sales location, and type of output, including information such as chemical limits, as well as advice in the form of guidebooks and links to regulatory sites.

“This is the perfect extension to Topo’s existing low-code supply chain solutions, which simplify the management of a product’s journey from sourcing to delivery” said Tobias Grabler, Chief Operating Officer, Topo Solutions.

“Ensuring supply chain compliance is vital, but gathering the relevant data requires considerable resource and planning, with the added complication of a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.

“We have developed a user-friendly tool to simplify an otherwise complex and time-consuming process.”

Launch product categories on the platform include furniture, sports, camping, pets, and optical, with plans to extend to tools, electrical and electronics, toys, lighting, Small Domestic Appliances (SDA), and Large Domestic Appliances (LDA).

Topo is a low-code supply chain platform for cloud-based remote collaboration, process automation, and advanced analytics covering a product’s journey from sourcing, product development, ordering, and production, to quality, chemical, and sustainability management.

Topo, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, recently boosted its compliance and sustainability management features by teaming up with global trade association amorfi, to provide users with social-related supply chain information.

Secure Consultants is a specialist consulting company founded by Managing Director Antony Hayes in 2001, with international clients in the retail, import, testing, and auditing laboratories, and trading and engineering sectors.

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