Supporting the creator economy: Shopify launches Collabs to help creators and brands collaborate and find new revenue streams

28 June, 23
As the creator economy continues to accelerate, and many seek to take the step from side-hustle into entrepreneurship, Shopify, the leading global commerce company, is launching Shopify Collabs in the UK.

As the creator economy continues to accelerate, and many seek to take the step from side-hustle into entrepreneurship, Shopify, the leading global commerce company, is launching Shopify Collabs in the UK. Designed to bring brands and creators together, Shopify Collabs makes it simple for creators to monetise their channels across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more, while giving brands a new sales and marketing funnel. It will mean that consumers can hear about the world’s best products from creators they trust.

With just 4% of creators globally able to go professional, Shopify Collabs will enable more people to turn their passion into a full time business and achieve economic independence. The new tool makes it easier to discover brands and establish partnerships, such as beauty creators working with emerging make-up brands for their ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos by sharing affiliate links their followers can use to get discounts directly for their products they’re using.

For brands on Shopify, Collabs creates the opportunity to discover creators and manage their relationships with them. It also gives them a new way to connect with highly engaged consumers, through trusted creators, at a time when acquiring customers has never been more difficult and expensive.

Once brands install Collabs and make their store and products discoverable, creators can join that brand’s community. Shopify Collabs can then be used to manage the relationship, supplying creators with everything they need like unique links or discount codes, and enabling them to share the merchant’s products with their engaged audiences. Because Collabs is on Shopify, the entire process is managed centrally from the Shopify admin, which means inventory, order, and customer information are kept up to date, giving a real-time view of the merchant’s entire multichannel sales. Already, UK brands like French Connection, Color Wow and Three Spirit Drinks are making use of Collabs to help them connect with creators and their audiences, and only pay for converted sales to a targeted audience, rather than using more expensive advertising models.

“Shopify Collabs is our commitment to enabling more people to become entrepreneurs and achieve economic independence,” said Deann Evans, managing director, Shopify EMEA. “Both for creators looking to monetise their platforms and brands looking to reach new customers at a time when the cost of customer acquisition has gone up by as much as 80%, Shopify Collabs enables easier, more efficient and more profitable collaboration. With hundreds of thousands of creators already signed up in the US, we’re excited to bring Collabs to the UK and usher new possibilities for creators and brands alike.”

Designed to make brand-creator partnerships easier than ever, the introduction of Shopify Collabs Network will accelerate the ability to form commercial relationships quickly, simply and transparently. It enables:

– Brands to drive more sales with less effort.

– Instead of manually finding and vetting creators to partner with, brands can set a commission on products (all products or on the collection level) and these offers will be automatically shown to all verified Collabs creators in the app. Commissions can be set to auto-pay, which are only due after a sale has been made. Brands can also track which creators are driving the most sales.

– Creators can start making money instantly.

– Once in the Collabs Network, they don’t need to jump through added hoops or approvals – just find products they like, generate product commission links and start generating sales straight away.

– It means both can gain better visibility of the relationship.

– Creators can see what products their followers are buying, and brands can see which creators are driving the most sales, allowing them to deepen their strongest partnerships if they choose.

Evans concludes: “By introducing the Collabs Network in the UK, Shopify is making it even easier for creators to access more parts of the Shopify platform, work with an unparalleled range of innovative brands, and turn their projects into full-time viable businesses. And by having greater visibility of how they can work together, creators and brands can deepen their relationships and give consumers easy access to the products they want.”

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