Volumatic solutions can help ease pressure of NLW rise

30 November, 23
As experts in cash handling, Volumatic can offer businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors an opportunity to save both time and money with their innovative solutions

As experts in cash handling, Volumatic can offer businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors an opportunity to save both time and money with their innovative solutions, as well as increase the efficiency of how their staff handle cash, replacing the huge amounts of time spent cashing up at the end of the day with more customer-focused activities.

In the current climate, businesses not only have to consider the impact of the upcoming National Living Wage rise from 1st April 2024, but also the cost of rising costs and delivery and higher wage bills throughout the supply chain.

Businesses in the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors are now not only facing wage increases but also further rises in tax legislation and rates, meaning they may have to decide whether to pass price rises on to customers even when consumer confidence is still not back to full strength.

Mike Severs, Sales & Marketing Director at Volumatic said: “With more consumers turning to cash to help them budget during this cost-of-living crisis, it’s important that businesses are responding to that and doing so in the most cost-efficient way.

“Volumatic prides itself on delivering quality cash handling solutions that increase efficiency and enhance security, in addition to making daily processes easier for all – which will help them navigate rising costs elsewhere, and that has to be a win-win situation for many businesses right now.”

A low-cost option to help businesses manage cash is the range of money-counting scales available from Volumatic. The CountEasy range can reduce cash counting time to mere minutes which means less cash handling, fewer mistakes and less downtime.

Volumatic also offers an award-winning end-to-end cash handling solution in the form of the CounterCache intelligent (CCi), which serves as a secure storage device, cash counter and forgery detector in one, meaning staff only touch cash once from POS until it reaches the bank. In addition, all cash data is instantly available on a handy dashboard for staff or head office employees for reconciliation purposes via our intelligent CashView Enterprise software, which has recently been enhanced.

All Volumatic solutions are designed to enhance security too and are already used by big and small brands across the globe, including Tesco, The Co-op Food Group, Morrisons, Marston’s and Subway.

Severs adds: “It is important that businesses invest in additional support to enable improvements to productivity. Now is the time for companies to be thinking about investing in smarter cash handling solutions themselves.”

For more information or to read case studies from businesses around the UK, US and Europe currently implementing Volumatic’s intelligent cash handling solutions including money counting machines, CounterCache cash deposit units, forgery detectors, friction note counters and cash trolleys, visit www.volumatic.com

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