Huboo delivers pet meds and peace of mind for Vet-AI

14 December, 23
Vet tech firm Vet-AI has teamed up with leading fulfilment provider Huboo to drive exponential growth of its remote services for UK pet owners.

Vet tech firm Vet-AI has teamed up with leading fulfilment provider Huboo to drive exponential growth of its remote services for UK pet owners.

Thanks to its tech-enabled approach to fulfilment, Huboo has helped Vet-AI scale the business from a digital tool supporting owners manage their pets’ health, to selling own-brand treatments and partnering with pharmaceutical companies to offer pioneering medical trials. As a result, Vet-AI is now looking to scale in Europe and the US in 2024 and beyond.

Dr Robert Dawson RCVS, vet and co-founder of Vet-AI, said: “Without a fulfilment provider it was going to be very difficult to meet owners’ needs, let alone scale our digital store to offer a wider range of treatments and pet care products. Fortunately, Huboo was able to seamlessly integrate with our operations and get our products into the warehouse and ready for delivery in no time.”

Huboo’s warehouses now hold thousands of Vet-AI treatments across 50 product lines, with Huboo’s team able to pick, pack and ship every order placed via the Joii app and digital store. In addition, pet owners can browse a vast range of supplementary pet care products from other providers, using drop-shipping to fulfil these orders.

Nizam Kabir, Head of Supply Chain, said: “People are passionate about pet health and want to be a dpart of solving the problem and improving the quality of care. With Huboo as our partner, we don’t need to worry about what happens after we recommend a treatment, and can stay focused on growing our business and supporting more pets.”

Having nurtured a vast community of pet owners, Vet-AI holds a wealth of digital insights that make it possible for the company to trial new treatments – from flea and hormone balancing treatments to medication for severe diseases such as cancer – on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.

With one successful trial under its belt and many more in the pipeline, the studies will be delivered via the app and have the potential to be Vet-AI’s biggest revenue stream outside of its consultancy business. It’s a significant growth opportunity. The trials have the power to help Vet-AI onboard even more patients while pioneering medical breakthroughs that could transform pet care.

Martin Bysh, CEO and co-founder of Huboo, added: “The pet industry was worth $235bn last year and shows no signs of slowing down but for a smaller brand starting out, the storage, packing and shipping of items can quickly feel overwhelming. It’s been such a fantastic experience supporting Vet-AI on their growth journey – we’ve tried to ease any complications by harnessing cutting-edge technology, in tandem with a team who care, to enable a productive fulfilment process.”

On the back of its stellar growth over the past few years, Vet-AI is now looking to scale globally – both in Europe and in the US. As the business continues to expand, Huboo has a key role to play supporting the ever-increasing demand for treatments and supplementary pet care products ordered through the Joii ecosystem.

Kabir concludes: “Over time, we plan to ship to more locations and across even more sale channels. For example, we’re exploring selling via TikTok Shop and Instagram while capitalising on the vast potential that AI has to offer when it comes to making a diagnosis and suggesting a course of treatment. Knowing that Huboo is by our side allows us to see the bigger picture and embark on our next exciting growth phase, all the while helping pets live longer, happier lives.”

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