ZigZag has partnered with JogOn to help stop one million shoes from going to landfill

14 March, 24
ZigZag, a leading provider of technology-driven retail returns solutions, has partnered with environmental campaign

ZigZag, a leading provider of technology-driven retail returns solutions, has partnered with environmental campaign, JogOn, in its commitment to prevent one million pairs of running shoes from going to landfill. JogOn will use ZigZag’s award-winning returns software to reduce the environmental impact of discarded running shoes.

It is estimated that there are 18 billion pairs of running shoes sold in the world every year – the equivalent of two pairs per person on earth. Though, there are millions of people globally with limited access to shoes of any kind and an estimated 3 million people that suffer from foot-related diseases.

JogOn is implementing ZigZag’s smart returns software to address these issues and find new homes for the 33 million running shoes discarded into landfills annually. Starting with the commitment of one million shoes, its goal is to find new owners amongst individuals who would benefit from the quality footwear being discarded every day.

Al Gerrie, CEO of ZigZag, commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with JogOn in their fight against the environmental wastage of running shoes. Helping taking care of the planet through smarter returns is one of the core principles that defines our work here at ZigZag. We look forward to actively directing running shoes away from landfills so that they go to new homes.”

Tony Piedade, founder of JogOn and RunningBuddy, added: “Obesity and inactivity are leading causes of mortality worldwide, highlighting the importance of maintaining fitness and activity levels. Equally, it’s essential to handle the disposal of our sports equipment responsibly. Running shoes, for example, may become unsuitable for running but can still serve a purpose. When they reach the end of their life, it’s crucial to dispose of them in a way that prevents landfill accumulation. At JogOn, our goal is to divert one million pairs of running shoes from landfills. We’re accomplishing this by leveraging ZigZag’s returns software, which helps redirect these shoes to our headquarters. Here, they are assessed and, when feasible, repurposed.”

Runners across Germany can now use JogOn’s ZigZag-powered, award-winning online portal to recycle their unwanted trainers. Visit JogOn for more information.

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