SPAR South West partners with FareShare to fight hunger in local communities

12 April, 24
In the fight against food waste and hunger, SPAR South West’s primary distributor, Appleby Westward Ltd

In the fight against food waste and hunger, SPAR South West’s primary distributor, Appleby Westward Ltd, has partnered with FareShare South West and Gregorys Logistics to play a key role in redistributing surplus food to those in need.

FareShare South West collects extra food from businesses and shares it with community groups and charities within local communities. FareShare builds partnerships with various businesses to achieve its mission, including now a key partnership with Appleby Westward Ltd and Gregorys Logistics. With warehouses in Plymouth and Bristol, FareShare South West rescues good, surplus food from local food suppliers and delivers it to more than 400 charities, food banks and community groups – from Gloucester to Cornwall.

Lucy Bearn, CEO of FareShare South West, said: “The charities we support represent many thousands of people living with food insecurity, while good quality, in-date food is often wasted – so we’re delighted to be partnering with SPAR Appleby Westward to support charities, schools and community hubs across Cornwall and Devon with more food.”

The team-up of FareShare, Appleby Westward Ltd, and Gregory Logistics is all about a collective commitment to cutting food waste going to landfills by sharing surplus food and tackling local hunger. By joining forces and using resources wisely, these two businesses can turn this environmental issue into a social benefit and significantly impact the battle against food waste and hunger in local communities across the South West.

Michal Czynienik, Trading Manager at Appleby Westward Ltd, said: “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our efforts to support local communities and reduce food waste. Through this partnership, we will enhance our impact on society while fostering stronger relationships within our community.

“I want to thank everyone involved in making this partnership a reality. The hard work, dedication, and collaboration of all teams involved have been vital in every step of the way.”

In October 2023, 3.4 million households reported not having enough money for food (Joseph Rowntree Foundation). In Cornwall, one in five children live in poverty. In Bristol, it’s one in three. According the Food Foundation, healthy food is on average over twice as expensive per calorie as less healthy options.

Meanwhile, the UK wastes approximately 9.5 million tonnes of food every year. This includes food waste generated at various stages of the food supply chain, including production, processing, distribution, retail and households.

By joining the dots between food waste and people living with food insecurity, FareShare South West is turning an environmental problem into a social solution – reaching 47,500 people in the south west last year.

Shelley Wright, Head of Region in Devon and Cornwall at FareShare South West, added: “SPAR South West (Appleby Westward) provided us with delicious mince pies last Christmas, which went down a treat, and I’m excited to develop our relationship further.

Many of the charities we support offer wraparound services like free advice, computer access or just some friendly company in the warm. At schools, breakfast clubs help children concentrate and socialise. Food can bring a full belly, dignity, the comfort of knowing someone cares. We’re very thankful for the support.”

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