What will be the big trends in retail in 2024?

Recent times have seen some rapid change across retail – and the next couple of years are unlikely to provide much respite. We probably won’t see another pandemic and the huge damage that lockdown caused to high streets, but a study by the Local Data Company has predicted that there will be between 8,000 and 15,000 […]

Retail reality check: capturing Gen Y & Gen Z shoppers online

Capturing the attention and loyalty of Gen Y and Gen Z shoppers is an ongoing challenge for ecommerce brands: both demographics are shrewd, hyper-aware of their value to advertisers and unwilling to passively absorb commercial messaging. And in the current economy, they don’t have huge amounts of disposable income at their fingertips to spend on […]

Morrisons Daily choose Henderson Technology as EPOS partner

Morrisons Daily has chosen EDGEPoS by Henderson Technology as its EPOS partner of choice. The new five-year deal, agreed in January 2024, will see Morrisons Daily recommend the entire suite of products available from EDGEPoS to Morrisons Daily franchise customers.

What’s next for sustainable packaging in 2024?

It’s the start of a new year and sustainability has never been more important, with businesses across industries working to slow down the ongoing climate crisis. The packaging sector is one such industry. Used around the world every day for food, clothes, medicine, and more, the packaging industry’s impact cannot be overstated. With this, however, […]