Data suggests shift from ‘one time gifts’ to focus on image and beauty for Mother’s Day 2024

15 March, 24
New data from the leading eCommerce provider Visualsoft indicates a shift in gifting behaviours for Mother’s Day.

New data from the leading eCommerce provider Visualsoft indicates a shift in gifting behaviours for Mother’s Day. Average domain revenue across gifts, gadgets and gaming decreased 8.7% in March 2024 compared to March 2023, versus a 9% increase for health, beauty & cosmetics and a huge 24.4% in fashion. Jewellery revenue also increased 3%, which although is behind inflation, demonstrates growth.

Although there has been a trend for smaller basket sizes as consumers look to save money, the Average Order Value (AOV) in health, beauty & cosmetics has increased 40%. Conversely in gifts, gadgets and gaming, the AOV is down 10%. This points to a desire to buy presents that will be useful as well as enjoyable, as opposed to the more token gifts that don’t get used. The growth in the jewellery sector of 24% is clear evidence of this, as despite being a high investment item people are willing to spend on a gift for their mothers.

Ashley Wright, Chief Commercial Officer at Visualsoft commented: “In a time when people are feeling the pinch, it looks like shoppers are focusing on gifts that make mum feel good, rather than those that, dare we say it, often get tossed aside after opening. The benefit here is that people will use your product every day, keeping your brand front of mind, and this is something you can harness for loyalty programmes and ongoing marketing to get them to be repeat customers.”

Traffic peaked on Monday 4th March in anticipation of Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th March, suggesting that consumers check in with their diaries at the start of the week searching for a suitable gift. An astonishing 71% of orders in jewellery were made via mobile. Even high value goods require a well optimised shopping experience across all devices.

Wright continued: “Retailers must seize the opportunity and harness the power of early-week traffic spikes, especially for other key dates in the retail calendar, such as Easter and Father’s Day. Not only this, a big focus needs to be on mobile optimisation to ensure the shopping journey is as seamless and convenient as possible. This is what will really have an impact on the bottom line throughout the year.”

Effective targeting and sensitivity are key, and many brands now look to offer the option of receiving email marketing for Mother’s Day. Christie Woodhouse – Head of Email Marketing at Visualsoft offers: “Mother’s Day can be a sensitive time of the year for many people, which is why it is important to run Mother’s Day opt in/opt out campaigns to put the audience at the forefront of the email strategy. Some of our brands saw an opt out rate of over 7%. This type of email campaign shows your audience that you care, whilst maintaining engagement and protecting your brand from negativity. It gives your audience the chance to opt out of Mother’s Day related content only, ensuring you as a brand are sending the right messages to the right people.”

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